Apartamentos Soldoiro

"Pay Less" Voucher

3 Hotels to choose from, 3 different experiences for less than 25%

Buy a “Pay Less” voucher and get a 25% automatic discount in any of our units, for example: buy a € 100 voucher and pay ONLY € 75.


(To purchase this voucher you must contact the desired unit directly by phone, email or social networks)


Offer valid for any of our units:

Hotel da Montanha ****

Hotel de Moura ***

Apartamentos Turísticos Soldoiro *****


On a Bed and Breakfast basis and with our best rate when booking, for single use.

The reservation is subject to availability.

Reactivation of the voucher after expiration will be made upon payment of 20% of the amount represented by the voucher.



  • This voucher is not valid with other vouchers, promotions or campaigns in force.
  • This voucher is non-refundable, even if used for a lower value service.
  • In case the consumption is higher than the value of this voucher, the customer will have to pay the remaining amount.
  • The voucher is only valid upon presentation of your physical version at the time of usufruct



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