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Traditional sweets from the Algarve


This Christmas season, we leave a suggestion of gifts to offer to aunt, cousins, grandparents, friends. Whoever you want! But without a doubt, whoever receives one of these sweets will make your mouth water.

Typically from the Algarve, D. Rodrigo and Morgado (Morgadinho) have already included the list of sweets nominated for the 7 wonders in 2019.


D. Rodrigo

A candy that is a real surprise! Wrapped in colored silver paper, when opening we see a yellow colored candy.

Made with strands of eggs and soft eggs and a little bit of grated almonds. At the end, put a little sugar and cinnamon and they are wrapped in silver paper! A delight!





Covered with icing sugar, it has a refined look and an enhanced taste of eating and crying for more.

Made with sugar, peeled and ground almonds, egg yolk, chila, soft eggs, egg threads and covered with icing sugar.