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To Albufeira beaches and much more!

  1. Pescadores Beach

This beach is a continuation of Praia dos Penecos. This beach does justice to the long fishing tradition of Albufeira, and even handcrafted fishing boats were found on this beach, which were eventually transferred to the marina of Albufeira. Next to the beach is a busy tourist zone with countless bars and restaurants. The beach is quite frequented due to its urban character.

  1. Peneco Beach

This is the first beach east of Albufeira marina and is situated in the old center of Albufeira. On the sand we find an enormous rock formation, which is a distinctive element of the beach, where these rock formations are locally known as "penecos". To access the beach from the central sector, there is a tunnel dug through the limestone cliff, located in the alleys of the historic center.

  1. Arrifes Beach

This is a small inlet, sheltered by low and intensely sculpted cliffs, where you can see potholes, arches and caves. There are also three enormous isolated rocks disproportionate in relation to the sand, so that it can also be called Praia dos Três Penecos. The surrounding area of the beach is covered by a patch of pine forest, where you can observe the dwarf palm tree, the only native palm tree in Europe. Looking east, one can see the line of white and red cliffs of the distant Praia da Falésia.

  1. São Rafael Beach

This is considered a maritime beach, which due to its tourist development got this name. It is nestled between cliffs, and its sandy beach is marked by several rocks that also emerge into the sea, giving it a picturesque environment. Due to the fractured and fissured rock formations, it has given rise to arches, caves, potholes and leys. Examples of these formations are the Little Bridge and the Swallow's Nest.

  1. Castelo Beach

This beach is nestled between rocky walls, unfolding into hidden corners and small coves. This beach was designated Castle Beach due to its scenic rock formation that resembles the battlements of a fantasy castle. In the surroundings of the beach the green of the pine forests dominates, as well as the wormleaf saltwort, saltwort and sea fennel. The walks here are favored, discovering small coves, algae and caves, due to the erosion of the rocks.

  1. Evaristo Beach

This beach is located between low and jagged cliffs, being of rocky style. The sand is framed by vegetation mostly of stone pines, mastic trees and enormous pine trees, and closer to the real, the beach is dominated by wormleaf saltwort. In the water, we recommend the walks with mask and fins through the rocky blocks, where you can observe the marine life of the region.

  1. Salgados Beach

This is a continuation of Praia Grande's sandy beach, being a humid area that is formed at the end of the Ribeira de Espiche. To the west you can see the strong dunes of Praia Grande and the water mirror of the lagoon surrounded by dense vegetation, where you can see coots and in winter you can find cormorants fishing. With the wide sandy beach, there is an extensive network of walkways that pass by the mouth of the stream and over the dunes, providing long and quiet walks.