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Paradise to discover- Natural Springs in the Algarve


The biodiversity in this region is enormous, and you cannot miss the opportunity to contemplate its beauty. A walk through nature and you will be able to see a great diversity of fruit trees, animals, landscapes and much more.


Today we invite you to get to know the Natural Springs, where you will have the opportunity to observe the surrounding ecosystem, relax, breathe fresh air, photograph, and you can also take the lunch from home, in some cases.

Benémola Spring-

Located in the Union of Parishes of Querença, Tôr and Benafim, in the municipality of Loulé, it is classified as a Protected Landscape and has unique characteristics.


Alte Springs-

Located in Alte, in the municipality of Loulé, its crystal clear water and surroundings are highlighted by trees that transmit peace and tranquility. Here you can spend a good time with family or friends. The waters of the river form an incredible pool, and the Parque de Merendas a very pleasant environment.


Sitio das Fontes-

In Estômbar, Lagoa, you will find Sitio das Fontes. Its main characteristics are the great diversity of environments representative of the Mediterranean landscape, the geological and historical-cultural marks. The Natural beauty that surrounds them, is the perfect environment for moments of leisure, outdoor activities and celebration of festive dates.