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Monchique the village of sacred waters


Today we are going to tell you a little about our mountain: Monchique!

In case you don't know, come and discover this wonder of ours which is located at an altitude of 250m above sea level. Here in the midst of lush vegetation (landscape so different from our beaches) we find the village of Monchique.

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Did you know that the Romans already knew it?

A century before Christ, the Romans were already here, and they discovered that the water that is in abundance around here took away their tiredness 'of body and mind', for this same reason, they nicknamed these waters 'sacred waters', as they were able to prove over time numerous archaeological finds found in the adjacent areas of the Monchique springs. After the Romans, came the Muslims who made this area prosper due to the production of honey and Medronheiros.
However, it was only in 1773, when Monchique received from our king D. Sebastião the charter that elevated village to town.

It's really another Algarve we're talking about, an Algarve surrounded by an atmosphere of peace and quiet that will give you a sacred rest.

Today, Monchique continues to receive many visitors interested above all in its history, beauty and fresh air. Even today, as it was so many centuries ago, its water also continues to play a key role.

water spring

With a pH of 9.5, Monchique water is the most alkaline in Portugal and one of the most alkaline in the world! However, this water stands out from the others for being rich in bicarbonate, sodium and fluorine, which gives it characteristics that help in the affections of airways as well as the musculoskeletal ones. Among the numerous benefits, this water helps in the recovery our organic vitality which gives a feeling of well-being and helps to delay the effects of osteoporosis as well as the signs associated with aging.

It has also been proven that drinking water with a pH greater than 7 is beneficial for health as, over the years, our organism becomes more acid due to the food we take, and drinking this water helps to balance the body and optimize the functioning of organs like the stomach, pancreas and kidneys causing the blood to become more alkaline and also giving a 'boost' in our immunity, because
the propensity to get sick is higher when a body has a pH content below 7.

Alkaline water of pH 9.5 like ours is already seen by many people as the 'miracle solution' to achieve greater longevity and consequently contract less inflammatory diseases.

And so the beautiful village of Monchique continues to invite guests to visit, because of its gastronomic attractions, handicrafts, typical architecture Algarve and people with easy smiles and sympathy are enough reasons to make the visit worthwhile.


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